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Three charged in school break-in


NICOLE NORRIS | The Greenville Standard

Between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. on June 12 Georgiana Officer John Bass was doing a building check at Georgiana School when he noticed two flat screen televisions and 20 Chromebook laptops piled outside of the school.

Before Officer Bass could make contact with suspects inside of the building, the suspects ran. Once inside the building officers found two computers thrown in the floor and destroyed.

During the investigation officers were tipped off as to who the suspects were and their location. Last Tuesday officers arrested three juveniles ages 11, 13 and 16. The two youngest suspects admitted to the crime and named the 16-year-old as their accomplice. The 16-year-old refused to speak with police.

Georgiana Mayor, Jerome Antone said, “We have got to find something to occupy the minds and time of our youth. They also have to learn a sense of right and wrong. I feel this is why the summer youth program I have implemented is very important and a step in the right direction.”

The two oldest suspects have been booked into the Montgomery County Detention Facility and the 11-year-old was released to his parents.

Mayor Antone also said, “Our officers did a good job. A special thanks to Officer Bass and our investigators. This crime was solved in a timely manner.”

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