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Indy writer predicts the second most deadly terror attack


Phil Sanderson wrote a fictional near-future action thriller, 2018: An Uncivil War, in 2013 that predicted a terror event so devastating the media described it as “the second-worst (terror event) in the history of the United States. The fictional event occurred Feb. 20, 2016 in the novel; slightly less than four months prior to the real-life “worst terror attack since 9/11”, the Orlando shooting in the Pulse nightclub.

Several of Sanderson’s readers have stated that other events in his book have come to pass too. A review by S.Z. Smith states: “I found Mr Sanderson’s book very interesting and it seems to be true of what is happening today. The threat of the government taking our guns and the repercussions from this seem to be playing out in today’s world. I found his characters interesting and I could relate to them. I did get a little lost during the discussion of gov’t and the gov’t officials. But overall I found it interesting and the fact that is was broken into 3 sections gave a time to prepare for what was coming next. I hope Mr. Sanderson has not seen into the future and written out our fate to come.”

2018: An Uncivil War is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and AuthorHouse Publishing. To find out more about Sanderson and his literature, direct your browser here:

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