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McDonald wins pageant


Caption: Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2015 Sylvia Holland, left, and Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2016 Millie McDonald. (Picture from Alabama Nursing Home Association website)















Millie McDonald won the title of Ms. Alabama Nursing Home during a pageant that was held on July 25 in Hoover.

McDonald, who also holds the title of Ms. Crowne Health Care of Greenville, vied for the crown along with ten other finalists who had been selected from an original pool of 53.

McDonald said that being part of the pageant was quite the experience.

“The staff at Crowne Health did a lot to help me prepare,” said McDonald. “They would walk by and ask me questions to get me ready for the interview part, and they even selected my nail polish color.”

McDonald said the pageant itself was truly enjoyable.

“When we arrived, I asked to be shown the room where the pageant would take place,” said McDonald. “The stage and room were very big. The room was filled with tables and chairs, and they had a full house for the event.”

According to McDonald, before the pageant, the judges interviewed each of the finalists separately.

“When I came in for my interview, we introduced ourselves to one another and started talking,” said McDonald. “The interview question they asked me was about my favorite piece of music.”

McDonald said that her answer took some time because she has so many favorites.

Her onstage interview question during the pageant was about what she thinks her greatest accomplishment has been. Her answer came easily: teaching.

“I have always enjoyed helping first-generation college-bound students, especially,” said McDonald.

McDonald has devoted most of her life to music as both a performer and instructor.

Over the next year during her time as Ms. Alabama Nursing Home, McDonald will serve as a spokesperson for the Alabama Nursing Home Association.



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