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Library gets more than a face lift

Susan Murphy congratulates Pearcey on the renovations.

Susan Murphy congratulates Pearcey on the renovations.


All summer, residents have not been able to visit the Greenville-Butler County Library. They have viewed the work trucks and dumpsters outside, but now the renovation is complete and the residents of Greenville and Butler County will be in awe of the newly remodeled library.

Last Thursday night, the library board and Chamber of Commerce held a gala to celebrate the newly remodeled library. The library had not seen any major renovations since it was built in 1992.

“I came to Greenville in 1993 and thought the library was beautiful for this size of town,” said Dr. Jean Thompson, member of the library’s Board of Trustees.

“Now that we have redone it I think it is more beautiful now than when it was first built.”

Those in attendance at the gala were awestruck as they walked through the doors. Seeing the openness and beautiful colors throughout the library and the detail put into each section for different age groups. The bookcases you see when you first walk in are even adorned with artwork involving the camellia flower.

The gala included a silent auction with various items for bid. Music was provided at the pavilion by Steve Norman and Rock Killough. Wintzell’s sponsored the meal for those in attendance and drinks were donated by various businesses throughout Greenville.

Library director, Kevin Pearcey, addressed the crowd mainly to say thank you to the Board of Trustees for their vision and hard work. Chairman of the board, Vivian McGowin shared remarks as well.

“I remember the Greenville Library in the good ole’ days as a child,” said McGowin.

“I was always in the library checking out books and I think about what it was then and now. In 23 years, the library world has changed. We now have so many who read eBooks compared to bound books. Our community has needs that we are trying to meet.”

“Architects from J. Michael Lee Associates in Dothan came to us wanting to do something special,” said McGowin.

“We met as a board and decided we wanted to make it happen. We were able to get a grant from the Daniel Foundation, which matched us dollar for dollar on what we raised as a board.”

Chamber of Commerce director Francine Wasden said it was an easy yes when asked to partner with the library in hosting the gala.

“When families come to your town, the library as well as quality of education, healthcare and activities are all important,” said Wasden.

“They are looking for a good quality of life. The new look is so inviting for the kids and everyone and the best of technology is in this library.”

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