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Only an hour away: Breakout Montgomery


Looking for something fun to do? Then Breakout Montgomery may be the solution.

Located only an hour away, Breakout Montgomery opened four months ago, but is part of a chain business in operation since 2014.

The premise of Breakout is participants are locked into a room where they have one hour to solve a themed mystery.

The rooms in current operation at the Breakout Montgomery location include The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino, and Hostage. Another room with the theme of Island Escape will be available soon.

The way Breakout works is a group of up to eight participants are given basic instructions about what mystery or situation they are to complete in the themed room they select. After receiving their instructions, the participants must work together to solve their room’s different puzzles or tasks.

If participants are successful, they are able to “breakout” of the room. If they do not solve their situation in time, then the game ends, and a Breakout employee will reveal the room’s solution.

One of the rooms, Operation: Casino, is similar to what one would expect to find in a James Bond spy thriller. Participants must solve a series of complex clues that will lead them to identifying a potential spy in their midst.

Cost for participation in a Breakout game is currently $24 per person for a one-hour game.

Those going in a group of up to eight will work together, but if a room is not sold out, then participants may be paired with others whom they do not know.

To make reservations, or to learn more about Breakout Montgomery, visit their website at or call 334-203-7868.

Breakout Montgomery is located at 6715 Taylor Court in Montgomery near the intersection of Vaughn and Taylor Roads.





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