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Preserving the flavors of Summer

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Anyone interested in learning or improving the techniques of preserving fruits and vegetables of summer should have signed up for the workshop presented by Janice Hall on Aug. 30, at Dunbar Gym and Recreation Center.

The workshop was sponsored by Alabama Cooperative Extension System and included a talk session of updated methods and procedures, as well as a hands-on session in the kitchen and actually preserving berries.

The talk session included tips on which fruits and veggies are and are not acceptable for preservation, as well as jar and lid safety guidelines. After about an hour of lecture info, students went into the kitchen to measure, pour, stir and cook fresh/frozen fruits and preserve them in properly prepared jars.

Whether you are self-taught by trial and error, or you learned under the tutorship of mom or grandma, it is important to keep up with modern equipment and safety rules. The class was attended by approximately eighteen participants and each one received a cookbook at the end of the class to refer to when they put their skills into practice in their own kitchens.


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