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Shufford was ‘good man’



This past Saturday, a former mayor of McKenzie was laid to rest.

Melvin Shufford, known as Blue by his friends and family, served as Mayor of McKenzie from 2008-2012. Prior to being mayor, Blue served many years on the town council and the water board.

Tina Powell has served as the Town Clerk for McKenzie for seventeen years.

“Mr. Shufford was a good man,” said Powell.

“He always treated me with respect and I really enjoyed working for him.”

Shufford was an avid farmer and when he was younger he volunteered a lot of his time with coaching and playing community softball. He was also involved with the Pee Wee Association as his grandchildren participated in sports. Shufford also served as the janitor at McKenzie School and retired in 1998.

Shufford loved McKenzie Athletics and was a regular at ball games. He especially enjoyed watching his great grandson under the Friday night lights at McKenzie football games.

“His grandkids worshipped the ground he walked on,” said Powell.

The death of Mr. Shufford has definitely impacted the community and many are remembering the good man he was.

McKenzie Principal, Miles Brown, has grown up knowing Blue.

“He was a close family friend,” said Brown.

“He was a peaceful man that loved everyone. He cared about everyone and was willing to help people out.”

McKenzie Mayor, Lester Odom, worked with Shufford on the town council and water board. “Mr. Shufford was a long time servant of this community,” said Odom.

“If everyone cared about the town and community like he did, we would have a wonderful place.”

Outside of knowing Shufford as a fellow town council member, Mayor Odom considered Shufford his friend.

“He and I have always been friends through being council members and serving on the water board to volunteering with the peewee football teams.”


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  1. Mikyia Belland on September 7, 2016 at 10:48 am

    I love you Uncle Melvin!!! Rip.

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