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Shooting leads to arrest


Shortly after 1 a.m. on Aug. 29, the Greenville Police Department received a report of shots fired in the area of 864 N. Conecuh St. Once on the scene, officers located a male and female subject outside the residence stating that someone attempted to break into their residence.

According to Captain Justin Lovvorn, officers noticed the front door appeared to be kicked in. Officers searched the immediate area but were unable to locate a suspect. Officers later received a call from the emergency room at L.V. Stabler Hospital stating that they had a gunshot victim. Officers responded to the emergency room and found Travis Rudolph, a 24 year-old from Greenville, suffering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Rudolph stated that he had been shot earlier while he was on N Conecuh St and investigators were called out to both N. Conecuh and the hospital. Investigators interviewed, Quinton Tolliver, the occupant of the residence. Tolliver stated that an unknown subject forced their way into his residence while he was in his bedroom, he then began to yell out to see who was in his house.  Tolliver stated, the unknown subject then ran away.

Investigators began processing the residence for evidence and found what appeared to be a bullet hole in the bedroom door.  Investigators also found other evidence in the residence to suggest that a firearm had been kept inside that residence.  Investigators questioned Tolliver once again about being in possession of a firearm or discharging a firearm.  Tolliver continued to deny having or shooting a firearm.

According to Lovvorn, after further investigation other evidence was found to show that Tolliver was not being truthful in his statement. Investigators searched the area around the residence and found a pistol and rifle which appeared to have been recently placed in the wood line near the residence.  The pistol was registered as stolen with the Wetumpka Police Department.  Tolliver was interviewed again and confronted with the evidence that had been collected to that point.  Tolliver then confessed to possessing the pistol and shooting at the person once through his bedroom door, as well as, firing several rounds outside of his residence as he was chasing the subject.

Due to the inconsistent statements and conflicting accounts of what occurred within the residence, Tolliver was arrested for attempted murder, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm (due to a prior felony conviction) and receiving of stolen property 4th degree.

Rudolph, was airlifted to Baptist South in Montgomery. He is listed in stable but guarded condition.  Additional arrests in this case are likely as the investigation continues.






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