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Voter awareness urged by commission

bc-resolutions-in-support-of-amendments-3-4 bc-resolutions-in-support-of-amendments-14bc-resolutions-in-support-of-amendments-14-and-3-4-nov-2016SUBMITTED

Dear Publisher and Butler County citizens


I have attached two Resolutions that the Butler County Commissioners passed on Monday, Oct. 10.  We are asking that you let the public know about important Amendments that are coming up in the November election that will need their support. 

 There are several local Butler County bills that will be affected if Amendment 14 is not passed.  This amendment is dealing with ratifying and confirming the validity of the procedural vote in question on local bills that have been passed since 1984.  Two of which may affect our county revenues. Amendment 3 makes it more difficult to force a statewide vote on those local laws that would only impact Butler County.  Amendment # 4 is dealing with allowing the commissioners to carry out a limited management and administrative activities in the specified areas of county personnel programs, community programs for litter-free roadways, public property, public transportation, the operation of county offices and emergency assistance programs and also includes a provision for allowing citizen input into any proposed programs, policies or procedures and it prohibits the levying of any taxes or fees.




Diane Kilpatrick, County Administrator

Butler County Commission


You may find copies of the Resolutions at Full coverage of all proposed Amendments which are on the Nov. 8 Election Ballot will be presented in the Nov. 2 edition of The Greenville Standard.


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