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Tigers stung by Yellowjackets


Greenville defense player Jeremiah Owens goes up high to block McAdroy forth down punt. (Cecil Folds/The Standard)



Greenville high school Tigers held their last regular-season game Friday night taking the field against McAdory High School Yellowjackets and lost 35-20. Friday night was Greenville High School’s senior night and four of its seniors were honored by being captains for the game, #74 DeAntre Jones, #42 Thomas Key, #5 Jeremiah Owens and #9 Jonathan Gordan, along with the other senior team members.
Greenville chose to take possession of the ball first and after three downs the Tigers had to turn the ball over to the Yellowjackets. Greenville punted the ball, #11 Kelvin Wallace for McAdory ran the ball for their first TD and extra point, making the score 0 to 7 with 7:37left. The Yellowjackets kicked off to the Tigers and they drove the ball down to the 8 yard line and quarterback Brandon Simmons hit Bishop Riley for TD, Greenville tried to run the extra point which was no good. The Tigers kicked off to the Yellowjackets and #32 Shakeel Jordan ran it in for another McAdory TD and extra point was good- 3:24 on the clock- score was Yellowjackets 14 and Tigers 6.
The Tigers received the ball, went three downs and could not make any yardage and had to punt. The Yellowjackets took possession of the ball and on their own 17 yard line could not pick up a first down. On fourth down the Yellowjackets dropped back to punt and the Tigers put an all out rush on the punter and Greenville”s #4 Jeremiah Powell blocked the punt and the loose ball was scooped up by #17 Ronderious Powell and run in for another Tiger TD; extra point kick was no good- ending the first quarter with the score 12 to 14.
As the second quarter began Greenville could not get any positive yardage and had two passes intercepted by the Yellowjackets Leanar Khalid #5 for the Yellowjackets intercepted a pass and ran it in for another Yellowjackets TD; score Yellowjackets 21 and Tigers 12 with 8:23 left in the first half. The Yellowjackets tried to move the ball on the Tigers but because of two 15 yard penalties were not able to gain any positive ground and had to turn the ball back over to Greenville. First half came to a close with the score Greenville 12 and McAdory 21.
In the beginning of third quarter the Tigers kicked off to the Yellowjackets and they kept driving it up the middle- picking up yardage down to the one yard line and running back Devin Hackworth for the Yellowjackets ran it in for another TD; extra point was good 7:34 left, score was 12 to 28.
Tigers were able to get three consecutive first downs against the Yellowjackets in the third quarter,but the Yellowjackets defense bowed up and kept the Tigers from moving the ball into the red zone,and Greenville had to punt the ball to McAdory .Number eight for the Yellowjackets received a pass on the first play at 36 yard line and ran it down to the 10 yard line and the Yellowjackets scored from the 10 yard with 2:51 left in the third quarter, the score 12 to 35.
In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Greenville’s defense tightened up as they held McAdory to only two first downs in the quarter. Greenville’s offense kept the ball most of the fourth quarter driving down close to the goal. The Tigers were facing 3rd down and 9 and quarterback Brandon Simmons hit Randy Rudolph in the end zone for another Tiger TD. The Tigers went for two but the pass was blocked- extra point no good.  As the game came to a close, so did the Greenville Tigers football season for 2016, with 2 – 5 for region and 2 – 8 for the overall season.

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