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Deer, turkey hunters must report harvests


There are major changes this hunting season for reporting harvest of deer and turkey. The Alabama Wildlife and Fresh Water Fisheries (WFF) is requiring that all animals harvested must be reported within 48 hours.

The Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest, a publication of the Alabama Department of Conservation, states,

Within 48 Hours of Harvest: You must report your deer or turkey harvest through the Game Check system within 48 hours of harvesting it. You will need the following information to report your harvest: 1) Date of harvest. 2) Type of animal harvested. 3) County of harvest. 4) Public or private land. 5) Hunting license number or H.E.L.P. number, if applicable.

If you are a license exempt hunter or have a 64-year-old, optional 65-year old or Senior lifetime hunting license, you must have a free Hunter Exempt License Privilege (H.E.L.P.) number, which can be obtained anywhere licenses are sold. License exempt hunters are hunters under the age of 16, residents age 65 and older, and resident landowners who hunt their own property.

There are three ways to report your harvest: 1) On your smartphone through the Outdoor Alabama app which you can download at 2) Online at 3) Call 1-800-888-7690.

Before you go hunting, you must obtain a hunting license and a Harvest Record. If you are exempt from needing a license or have a lifetime hunting license, you still need a Harvest Record.

You can get a Harvest Record online at or from the Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest. Possession of a smartphone with the Outdoor Alabama app will be accepted in lieu of a paper Harvest Record.

During your hunt, you must always carry your Harvest Record, your hunting license and a pen or pencil while hunting. You must fill out the Harvest Record with the date and type of animal taken before moving the animal. This includes all deer and turkeys.

At the end of the check in process, you will receive a confirmation number to write on the Harvest Record.


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