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Trump wins county


Butler County residents turned out in record numbers for Election Day. Almost 65 percent of registered voters hit the polls or submitted their vote by absentee ballots. Most precincts reported long lines waiting on the doors to open at 7 a.m.

Among voting houses with large early turnout were McClains and Central. Both precincts have about 700 registered voters and by 9 a.m. McLains had 132 ballots cast and by 10 a.m. Central had 180.

Alabama voter registration statistics as of Sept. 30 show Butler County with 12,812 active and 805 inactive voters. An inactive voter is still eligible to vote. A voter’s status is changed from “active” to “inactive” on the poll list due to not voting in recent elections, or when tried to contact, via mailing address, the correspondence was returned.

There are 24 precincts in Butler County. 23 of them represent the five districts; the 24th is reserved for provisional ballots, those are ballots cast by a voter who went to a voting house but they were not on the list of registered voters. They are allowed to vote but they must cast a provisional ballot.

“The final tally won’t be official till later this week but the results will be very close to what has been reported”, said Probate Judge Steven Norman.



Hillary Clinton (D): 3,716

Donald Trump (R): 4,891

Gary Johnson (I): 65

Jill Stein (I): 13

Write-in: 27


U.S. Senator

Ron Crumptom (D) 3,653

Richard Shelby (R) 4,828

Write-in 7


U.S. Rep., 2nd Congressional District

Nathan Mathis (D) 4,079

Martha Roby (R) 3,910

Write-in 319


Ass. Justice Supreme Court, Place 1

Michael Bolin (R) 4,615

Write-in 109


Ass. Justice Supreme Court, Place 2

Kelli Wise (R) 4,597

Write-in 110


Ass. Justice Supreme Court, Place 3

Tom Parker (R) 4,593

Write-in 105


Pres. Public Service Commission

Twinkle Cavanaugh (R) 4,781

Write-in: 118


State Board of Education, Dist. 1

Jackie Zeigler (R): 4,516

Write-in: 101


District Attorney, 2nd Judicial Court

Charlotte Tesmer (D): 5,823

Write-in: 95


Butler County Commission, Dist. 1

Joey Peavy (D): 1,164

Write-in: 32


Butler County Commission, Dist. 2

Jesse McWilliams (D): 1,168

Write-in: 118


Butler County Commission, Dist. 3

Frank Hickman (D) 1,112

Write-in: 39


Butler County Commission, Dist. 4

Allin Whittle (D): 1,025

Robert Blankenship (I): 586

Write-in: 7


Butler County Commission Dist. 5

Darrell Sanders (D): 1,127

Write-in: 13


Amendment 1

Yes: 4,725

No: 1,454


Amendment 2

Yes: 5,892

No: 1,188


Amendment 3

Yes: 2,946

No: 3,061


Amendment 4

Yes: 4,652

No: 1,579


Amendment 5

Yes: 2,740

No: 3,105


Amendment 6

Yes: 2,566

No: 3,113


Amendment 7

Yes: 1,850

No: 2,769


Amendment 8

Yes: 3,425

No: 2,644


Amendment 9

Yes: 1,691

No: 2,860


Amendment 10

Yes: 3,100

No: 1,500


Amendment 11

Yes: 3,682

No: 1,937


Amendment 12

Yes: 2,830

No: 1,847


Amendment 13

Yes: 3,743

No: 1,997


Amendment 14

Yes: 4,695

No: 1,455


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