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Brothers accused in robberies


Da’Rashai Jackson            

Davion Jackson

Davion Jackson


Two brothers have been charged with a Class A felonies in Butler County. DaRashai Jackson has confessed to three robberies and face two counts of first-degree robbery, among other charges. His brother Davion Jackson faces one count of first-degree robbery and third-degree theft of property.

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden said, “On Monday night, shortly after 10 p.m. we got a call in reference to a robbery on Martin Luther King Drive which is down Hwy 185, south.

“DaRashai had created a fake Facebook page and was offering to buy items from intended victims. He offered them extra money to deliver the items and when they arrived he and his brother robbed these people at gun point.

“We were able to get the Atmore K-9 unit to respond and were able to track the two suspects and make arrests on the two boys; one was 21 and the other an 18-year old.

“The week before, we got a call down there for the same type of incident, where a man who lived in Troy had stuff for sale on Facebook and the suspects robbed him. When the man got back to Troy he reported the robbery and said he was thankful he and his wife hadn’t got killed.”

After investigating the Sheriff’s department found a third victim who had been able to overpower a lone robber. All the stolen items were recovered except for some currency.

Hardin wants the public to know that if you have something to sell or wish to buy and want a safe place to meet for the transfer then you can take advantage of the parking lot at the Butler County Correctional Facility. “It has video coverage,” said Hardin, “and typically a criminal will not want to meet you there.”

“Also, for parents who swap kids, we encourage them to use the parking lot. It just provides a safer place.”


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