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Commission holds first evening meeting


The Butler County Commissioners recently held their first evening meeting after the election of Nov. 8. For many years the commission met on the Thursday before the regular meeting at a workshop to discuss items which would be attended to at their formal business meeting.

With the new term, the commissioners agreed to hold the workshop and business meeting on the same day which is now the second Tuesday of the month. The workshop as all further workshops started at 5:15 p.m. The commissioners then recessed for a brief period and then moved to their formal business meeting.

Among items approved was the amendment of Rules of Procedures to reflect the change of meeting times. Other items included: the approval of a sale tax holiday for severe weather preparedness on Feb. 24-26; approval of an agreement for hardware maintenance and support for the county’s Automark voting machines and contract with Jenny Allen, CPA, for the preparation of FY15-16 financial statement in the amount of $3200.

Also the commissioners approved: the appointment of commissioners to county management committees; the minutes of the Nov. 16 meeting, an agreement with the City of Greenville for pound services in the amount of $12,000; a Xerox copier lease for the commission office; a limit increase on the county credit card for travel expenses from $2,000 to $5,000 and a resolution to transfer monies from the Excess Land Sales Fund to the General Fund.

The correctional facility report was accepted and noted as no issues along with approval of the EMA report and the state allocation of $12,000 for EMA salaries.

Before adjourning the commissioners approved the Engineer’s report: which included the county entering into an agreement with Lowndes County and the State of Alabama for paving of County Road 79 between Highway 31 and Highway 185; a return to work and seat belt policy as part of a safety incentive to receive rebates on insurance; a sick bank policy for employees and lastly they approved to pay the bills.

After adjourning, each commissioner spoke to attendees with the most notable comment being of the need to address handicap access to the upstairs court room at the Butler County Court House.


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