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Wallace spends semester in Scotland




Logan Wallace, a Luverne resident and a 2015 graduate of Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC), has always set his sights high.

Upon completing his studies at LBWCC, Wallace transferred to the University of Alabama to pursue a bachelor’s degree in history and economics.

While on campus one day, Wallace found himself looking into study abroad opportunities.

“During Get on Board Day at Alabama (where all the organizations set up tables), I looked at the study abroad table and realized that study abroad might be feasible for me,” said Wallace. “I always thought study abroad was real expensive, but when I realized that my scholarship would apply towards study abroad, I decided to try it.”

Wallace said deciding which country to apply for was not hard.

“Being a Wallace, I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland,” stated Wallace. “Going to Scotland was on my bucket list.”

In addition to famous Scotsman William Wallace’s influence on his destination decision, Wallace said the difficulty of overcoming a language barrier was something else he took into consideration.

“I wanted to go to an English speaking country,” said Wallace, “and because I wanted to go to Scotland so bad, it wasn’t much of a choice. I decided on the University of Glasgow over Edinburgh.”

Wallace studied at the University of Glasgow from Sept. 3 to Dec. 19. He took Scottish history classes, and he said it gave him the chance to look at America from another culture’s point of view.

Wallace said his semester in Scotland was full of wonderful activities and experiences that were new to him.

“I loved the Christmas festivals with all the vendors set up,” said Wallace. “In Edinburgh, they went all out. They had a Ferris wheel and some other rides.”

He also got to attend a Ceilidh, which is a social event where participants engage in traditional Scottish dances.

Wallace also had an opportunity to do some traveling in Scotland.

“Going to the Highlands was definitely awe inspiring,” said Wallace. “The countryside there is breathtaking.”

Wallace said his semester abroad has been one of the highlights of his collegiate career, and he wishes more students would take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.

“Definitely try your best to immerse yourself in the culture while you are there,” stated Wallace. “Don’t be afraid to try new things. Travel to other cities and places, and see as much as you can when possible.”

Now that Wallace has completed his semester abroad, he will return to the University of Alabama this spring.

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