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Storms damage county


Trees and power lines down on state Highway 55 outside of McKenzie. (Bruce Branum/The Standard)

Trees and power lines down on state Highway 55 outside of McKenzie. (Bruce Branum/The Standard)



The recent storms systems which rolled through the southeastern states causing tornadoes, wind damage and at least 20 deaths in Mississippi and Georgia had its effect on many parts of Butler County Saturday and Sunday. Though no tornadoes were reported in the county, damaging winds caused many trees to fall across roadways blocking traffic flow on state Highway 106 and county roads 59, 8 and Shoals.

The winds also felled trees on power lines causing localized power outages in several areas. David Foster, with Alabama Power, was on the scene for the downed lines just east of McKenzie on Hwy 55. Foster said, “We have six crews coming and are going to work as quickly as possible to restore power.”

“Pioneer Electric was still working to restore power in areas with crews and trucks with 271 customers out of power in McKenzie until 6 p.m. Sunday evening,” said Shirley Sandy, Director of Butler County Emergency Management Agency. She also stated that Garland, McKenzie and Georgiana were the worst hit. “The roads got opened fairly quickly,” stated Sandy, “with the assistance of power crews.”

Other communities reporting damages to houses and property were Greenville, Forest Home and the Ridge along with several additional communities in the county.

Dennis McCall, Butler County Engineer, reported all roads were reopened by Saturday evening. McCall also stated, “We have about a week to a week and a half of cleanup. Saturday’s damage was worse south of state Highway 106 and Sunday the damage occurred mainly across the northern part of the county.”

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