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Woman robbed at gunpoint


Butler County deputies are searching for three gunmen who robbed an elderly woman last Wednesday. According to authorities the victim was driving on Honoraville Road around 11:15 a.m., when the car in front of her slammed on brakes in the middle of the road. The incident happened between Lifeway Ministries and Pigeon Creek Bridge.

Sheriff Kenny Harden said, “She slammed on her brakes and three black males with masks on got out and robbed her at gunpoint. As soon as she got stopped, they jumped out and demanded her property.”

Once they took the victims property the suspects got back in their car and drove away. The victim was able to get help and notify authorities. Although shaken the victim was not injured.

Due to the fact the gunmen had their faces covered; the victim was not able to give a detailed description of the suspects. Sheriff Harden is asking anyone that was in the area at the time to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at 334-382-6521. It’s the first time the sheriff has seen this type of method used in a robbery.

“We’re asking if anybody who was in that area about that time who may have seen anything to contact us. Anybody who almost causes an elderly lady to wreck and rob her at gun point, needs to come off the streets,” Harden added.

“If something like that happens, they should put their car in reverse and back up real quick and try to get away from them. I do want our residents to know about this and that it could happen again until we get these people in jail,” Harden stated.



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