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Georgiana holds Unity Dinner


Saturday night, the Georgiana community came together for their fourth annual unity dinner at R.L. Austin Gymnasium.

This event, coordinated by Candace Powell, began for the purpose of building the bridge between the school and the community.

“I wanted to increase unity and togetherness among all Georgiana community members, as well as continue to build a great, positive and unified relationship between the school and the community.”

Mayor Antone and Commissioner Darrell Sanders were both in attendance and feel it gives the community a sense of togetherness.

“This is a good event in which the community can come together and collaborate and meet each other,” said Mayor Antone.

“Our community comes together for sporting events throughout the year,” said Commissioner Sanders. “However, seeing who comes together to support our community really shows who is dedicated to talk about improving our community.”

The dinner included many community members, both young and old. There were musical selections performed by individuals and the Georgiana Choir, poems read and prayers by the ministers of the community.

New Georgiana Police Chief, Carlton Cook, was the speaker for the evening. His speech, titled “Live Up to Your Calling,” focused on each community member’s purpose, plan and position in making the community unified.

“During the national championship football game, each coach, player and fan had one common goal – win the game,” said Chief Cook. “In order to win the game, each one had to stand up to their personal responsibility and perform in a unified manner to get to that goal.”

Chief Cook continued by saying there are many community members on Georgiana’s team. The mayor, council members, Chief of Police, ministers, teachers, parents and students are all a part of the community team.

Chief Cook took the time to focus on the parents a little more and encouraged them to be a more active team member.

“Don’t just bring your child to sporting events and drop them off,” said Chief Cook. “Stay and support your children at activities.”

He concluded his speech by asking the community members to come forward and join hands. “We walked in as individuals and we now will leave unified,” said Chief Cook.

Ministers from the community were invited to the stage and each prayed for the community along with Chief Cook.

Following the speaker, many presentations were made, including a proclamation by the Mayor to the 2016 football team for an outstanding season.

Powell is thankful for all the help she received in making this event a success. In addition to the many individuals who helped with the event, Friendly G’s donated food and plate ware, the Greenville Athletic Club made a monetary donation and Canzell Designs donated decorations and frames used in the presentations.

“A big thank you to everyone who helped, came out and/or participated in the program,” said Powell. “We have now scheduled this event to be the Saturday following Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday each year.”

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