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A few new important changes are coming for the Dixie Youth leagues. Three of the most important are an age date change, the addition of an inning count for pitchers in 9-12 age groups and bat specifications for players 12 and under.

Gregg Fuller, Greenville Parks and Recreation Director, said “I would caution anybody in Dixie Youth from 12 down to T-ball, if they plan on buying a bat this year and plan on passing the bat down, the bat specifications have changed.”

“If you buy a bat that does not meet the new standards, your child can only use it for this year. A lot of people are already selling their bats on Ebay, so I advise you to check that good deal you think you are getting because you won’t get to use it next year.”

Fuller went on to say about the new pitching rules, “In 9-10 and 11-12 ages, the pitching rules are changing. Originally it was an inning count, but now there will be a pitch count as well as an inning count. Coaches and parents should pay close attention to the new rule changes.”

Fuller added that the GPRD is attempting to add a Sweeties softball league, ages 4-6. If they don’t have enough players then the children will be moved back to t-ball.

Fuller also said, “I encourage everyone to get by as soon as possible to register. It helps determine how many teams, game and practice scheduling and equipment, umpire and staffing needs that we must take into consideration to make the season a successful and enjoyable experience for all.”


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