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Relay beauties crowned




One of the biggest fundraising events for the Butler County chapter of Relay for Life took place Saturday at the Ritz Theatre.

WSFA meteorologist Amanda Curran introduced the 84 lovely ladies that graced the stage for the event this year.

This event has taken place annually for nine years and the Harley’s Angels Relay for Life team has been in charge of the pageant for the majority of its existence.

This year’s organizer, April Langford, said she is very thankful to the parents and participants who have made this fundraiser a success year after year. This will be the last year Harley’s Angels will host the Relay for Life Pageant. However, there is already talk from another group of continuing the event in years to come.

“This event really is a labor of love. I could not bring this all to fruition without the help of many dedicated volunteers, sponsors, supporters and participants. Cancer has touched my life, as it has many others, and I enjoy being a part of a movement that will help eliminate this horrible disease.”

The ladies who took home the top prizes were: Baby Miss Relay, Khloe Noel Thompson, 1st Runner-up, Kaelyn Iris Moce Mills, 2nd Runner-up and Photogenic, Elizabeth Claire Kent;

Tiny Tot Miss Relay and Photogenic, Georgia Hudson Moseley, 1st Runner-up, Lynlee Grace Till and 2nd Runner-up, Kendall Paige Deshazo;

Tiny Miss Relay, Brandi Kent, 1st Runner-up, Scarlett Audra Gale Atondo, 2nd Runner-up, Maddie Stevens and Photogenic, Natalie Danielle Huggins;

Petite Miss Relay, Annaleigh Spann, 1st Runner-up and Photogenic, Londyn Leighana Pettway and 2nd Runner-up, Aubrie Page Weaver;

Little Miss Relay, Mattie Cook, 1st Runner-up, Calie Little, 2nd Runner-up and Congeniality, Alexandria Mae Lett and Photogenic, Krista Emilee Sexton;

Junior Miss Relay, Kinley Woodard, 1st Runner-up and Photogenic, Zoe Coon, 2nd Runner-up, Savanna James Powell and Congeniality, Natalie Dempsey;

Teen Miss Relay, Congeniality and Photogenic, Kelsey Woodard, 1st Runner-up, Kiyana Kapri Holley and 2nd Runner-up, Jordan Haley Neese;

Miss Relay, Sydney Marie Owens, 1st Runner-up and Congeniality, Caitlin Brooke Stephens and 2nd Runner-up and Photogenic, Shelby Samantha Johnson;

Stunning Miss Relay, Hannah Elise Stewart, 1st Runner-up, Ansley Nicole Shipp, 2nd Runner-up, Victoria Simone Salvadore and Photogenic, Courtney Neese, Congeniality, Samantha Smith;

Glamorous Miss, Janet Lynn Mount, 1st Runner-up, Congeniality and Photogenic, Sabrina Ann Dempsey, 2nd Runner-up, Keri Bar;

Elegant Miss, Congeniality and Photogenic, April Richey, 1st Runner-up, Sherry Henson and 2nd Runner-up, Melonie Branch Harrison; and

Golden Miss and Photogenic, Virginia Haskew, 1st Runner-up, Carole Black, 2nd Runner-up, Pam Kilpatrick and Congeniality, Debbie Stewart.


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