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Bullies and gangs at GMS


Mansfield Pete Key giving a stirring motivational talk to GMS students (Bruce Branum/The Standard)

“Point number one, calm down; point number two, think before you act; point number three, sunshine on a cloudy day,” urged Mansfield Key as he spoke to Greenville Middle School students during a motivational speech given Monday, Feb. 13.

Key, also known ‘Ole Pete Key,’ has traveled worldwide delivering his message. From Europe to Africa, Key has touched thousands of lives with his upbeat message of caring.

Key began his talk by acting as a convict and being placed in a chair by Officer Oliver of the Greenville Police Department . When Key began to speak, the students went silent in nervousness.

He continued his act, relating from an introspective view, the thoughts a person in prison mentally faces, the lonesome quietness and anguish that he could have had a better life and of those he let down. He then stood and began to deliver his message with an impassioned desire to change lives.

He spoke of his life growing up, the loss of his mother to breast cancer in 2006, the loss of friends who had become involved with wrong people and aspects of gang life.

All through his talk, Key involved the students with the tenants of his message through interaction and song. Even the teachers were asked to join in a line at center court, where to enthusiastic and roaring students, they danced with Ole Pete to a mix-up of kids, Motown and popular dance songs.

He finished by encouraging the students who might have treated others wrongly, “Give them a hug, show them some love, say you’re sorry, sorry for treating you like that. Hope is the key.”

You can find videos of Key’s motivational speech at

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