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Never stop chasing your dream



Seventeen months after receiving a devastating diagnosis, Anaplastic Ependoyma Grade 3 Brain Cancer, two days after her 19th birthday, Brianna Nicole Layton lost her brave battle the day after Valentine’s Day, she was only 20.

Although Brianna grew up in Albany, Ga., she had deep family roots in Butler County. Brianna was the only child of Trish Guined of Leesburg, Ga., and Kent Layton of Albany, a native of Butler County.

Her Butler County family also includes her late grandfather Ralph Layton and grandmother Shirley Brewer Richardson of Gulf Shores and Aunt Daphne Layton King of Gulf Shores. Her great grandparents were Jack and Neacie Mae Brewer of Greenville.

She also has scores of aunts, uncles and cousins still living in the Butler County area. Her maternal grandparents are Ed and Denise Oliver of Leesburg, Ga.

Brianna endured two surgeries, chemo and radiation and never complained once. Brianna fought hard to stay strong and optimistic, never giving up hope she would beat the disease. She had big plans with her boyfriend Jack Marshall, and she wanted to go to college and work in the radiology field.

Before she lost the ability to use her arms, walk and eventually to speak, Brianna told her family that she had a visit from her Great Grandmother (Maw Maw) Brewer who had died two years before, and that she told Brianna that no matter what the doctors said that it was going to be OK either way. After that she was no longer afraid and felt at peace.

Brianna was a fun loving beautiful girl with extraordinarily beautiful brown eyes who never met a stranger and considered everyone she loved part of her family.

She could go from wearing a pageant gown to mud-riding on a four wheeler in a heartbeat.

She loved pumpkin season, boiled peanuts and eating ice cream. She even asked her friends to post selfies eating ice cream on her Pray for Brianna Web page so she could look at them after surgery or during treatments.

She never lost her amazing sense of humor and as an avid University of Alabama fan she teased her radiology tech that was a University of Georgia fan about wearing her UA beanie.

Her boyfriend’s family held a benefit in her honor to help her family with the expense of staying with her at the hospital, and she was able to attend witness and feel the love her family, friends and community had for her.

Brianna’s legacy that she left behind for her loved ones and those facing cancer is to love hard, laugh louder and make everyone feel as if they had hung the moon, and no matter what the future may bring, never stop chasing your dream.






Brianna Nicole Layton

Born September 6, 1996 – February 15,2017

Daughter of Kent Layton from Greenville Al/ Georgia  and Trisha Guined of Leesburg Ga.

Grand Daughter of the late Mr. Ralph Layton Greenville Al and Shirley Brewer Richardson of Gulf Shores Alabama and Grand Parents of Ed and Denise  Oliver family from Lee County Ga.

Great Grand Parents of the late Jack and Neacie Mae Brewer of Greenville, AL.  Many Great Aunts and Uncles and Cousins from Greenville Alabama  Her  Aunt  Daphne Layton King of Gulf Shores AL.


Brianna Layton was such a kind and loving person . Brianna was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependoyma Grade 3 Brain Cancer 2 days after her 19th birthday in September. Her first surgery was in September followed by rounds of Chemo and Radiation . She continued to fight this horrible cancer because she was to graduate in May  of this same year.  Brianna was able to attend her Prom and Her Graduation she received her diploma and was very happy for being able to achieve her goal , Brianna was taken Orange Beach with some of her family and her boyfriend Jack Marshall also from Georgia and she enjoyed her days at the beach , Only to return home and find out that she had yet another tumor that had attached to her spinal cord. Brianna underwent surgery for this tumor and spent many months in the hospital in Atlanta ,Ga. seeking treatment for this cancer. This cancer is a type of cancer that has fingers and eventually it had attacked so much of Brianna’s body until the only hope was a research drug that might help Brianna . This drug did not work, Soon she would find out that this cancer had attached to an optical nerve. Brianna was sent home on hospice.  During her days taking Radiation her Radiologist was a Georgia Football Fan, For Brianna was an avid Alabama Fan.  This past football season while taking Radiation after the loss of Georgia to Alabama , Brianna asked him if he would like to wear her Alabama Beanie , thru everything that Brianna had endured she never lost her funny sense of humor.  Her Humor was the highlight of everyone who knew her. Brianna had a way of turning you most horrible day into a good day.  Brianna had plans to attend college and work within the Radiologist field . Brianna and Her Boyfriend Jack Marshall had big plans. But, unfortunately God had other plans.  Brianna was a Cheerleader thru most of schooling in Georgia and her bright personality was loved by the school and her classmates at Baconton Community Charter School . Her fellow classmates designed a T-shirt and sold them to raise money for Brianna of course it had the Alabama  Elephant and the Hounds tooth Brianna on the shirt along with the Alabama A in the Pray for Brianna,  Jack Marshall’s her boyfriend’s family had a Benefit in Sasser, Georgia for Brianna  where they raised money to support Brianna and her family during her stay in the hospital. Brianna was fortunate enough to get to attend this benefit where she was shown how much she was loved by everyone.  Thru all these months of fighting this horrible Cancer Brianna never once complained. She never had the side effects that most people have during her treatments she remained strong and very optimistic that she was going to Beat this Cancer. She said once that everyone might give up on her but she would not give up on herself.  Brianna had the most beautiful eyes those eyes continued to show strength each time you looked at Brianna . Even tho this cancer had made her unable to walk, or use her arms, a few short weeks ago this cancer took her voice. She still continued to fight finding ways to communicate even without her voice she used her beautiful eyes.  As her family and friends have watched her fight this horrible cancer each of us have learned that it takes a special person to FIGHT the way that Brianna did.  She Loved hard and She fought Hard she showed all of us the value in each moment of life. Brianna told us that she had a visit from her Great Grandmother (Maw Maw) Brewer and that she told her that no matter what the doctors said that it was going to be OK either way. She assured us that she wasn’t crazy that Maw Maw Brewer had come to see her this visit from her Maw Maw gave Brianna peace and she assured us all that she would be OK.  Brianna had a love for life .She could go from Beauty Queen to Cammo and Dirt Roads in just a few seconds She enjoyed spending time at Mark’s Produce in Sasser Ga. Especially during pumpkin season this was her favorite time of year. She loved picking out pumpkins and boiled peanuts and Ice Cream. Actually, when Brianna was sent to Atlanta for her surgery her request was for all of her friends and family to post pics of themselves with an Ice Cream cone and post it on the Pray for Brianna web page so she could see it,  She never met a stranger and with everyone that she meant they immediately became her “ CUZ” . That was a favorite for Brianna.  “What’s Up Cuz”. Blood lines had no meaning to Brianna , She lived each and every day of her life knowing that everyone was her Family . Cousins Were Aunts ,   Friends were Cousins just to mention a few. Her heart was as big as her character. Her eyes were as big as her soul.  But even tho Brianna has left us and we will mourn the loss of her for the rest of our lives .  if Brianna could say one thing to other’s and those who are fighting cancer , I think her words would be . Love Harder , Laugh Louder , Make everyone feel as tho they hung the moon and never no matter your situation Stop Chasing your Dreams. Her Smile has faded and her eyes grew dim, But Brianna will live in the hearts of the people that knew her for a life time.   As it is noted on her Prom picture . “ I can Do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me “ . we can only hope that Now Brianna will help guide us .  Brianna had a favorite Quote : “ Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile “ .  Brianna was aware of the Greenville Standard and the articles that had been done for her by Shari Lowery with the 4H and Extension program for Christmas and Valentine’s Day the cards that were made for her meant a lot to her and her Mother Trisha shared these cards with Brianna, Brianna’s Family would like to say Thank you for all the Love support and Prayers and Donations . Brianna Layton is at Mathews Funeral Home in Albany ,Ga. No arrangements have been made at this time.


Valerie McLain

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