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Rash of car break-ins reported

Rash of vehicle break ins reported

The Greenville Standard

According to Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn, last Wednesday around 4:50am, officers received a report of a vehicle break-in on Balaclava drive.  Officers arrived on scene and found a vehicle had been left unlocked and someone had gone through it during the night.  The victim did not find anything missing from the vehicle.
Officers began to canvas the area to look for suspects and anything suspicious.  Officers then located several other vehicles in the area that appeared to have the door slightly cracked or ajar, which appeared someone may have opened the door and gone through the vehicle.  All of the vehicles were left unlocked by the owner and most of them could not find anything missing from the vehicle.
Officers checked from Wood Valley Road to Overlook Road, going door to door, to make sure all other vehicles were secure and not tampered with.  “At this time, we have written thirteen reports for victim’s who had their vehicle broken into and had some items taken from them.  There was no forced entry into any of the vehicles.  Most of the items taken were loose change or minor items.  There were however, a couple of those vehicles that happened to have a large amount of cash or higher priced items, such as a laptop, in the vehicle.
“An AR-15 style rifle was taken from an unmarked police car while parked at the officer’s residence overnight. The vehicle was unlocked at the time and the officer is facing disciplinary action for not following police department policy on securing his weapon.
“The case has been turned over to our Investigations Division.  They have been able to gather evidence from several of the vehicles involved and a video from a resident.
“While officers believe this is an isolated event, we ask that you make sure that you lock your vehicles whenever you exit them no matter where you are.  There is always a chance someone will take advantage of an opportunity if you give it to them.  While none of the cars were forced open, we still consider this to be unacceptable and a very serious crime. ” said Lovvorn.
Anyone who may have information about this case is asked to call 334-382-7461. There is a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest and/or recovery of stolen property.

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