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Georgiana Police offer drug take back

Police Chief Carlton Cook.(Jennifer Clontz/The Standard)


For many Georgiana citizens knowing what to do with expired prescriptions can be a confusing situation. That’s why Police Chief Carlton Cook partnered with Andalusia SpectraCare to have the first ever prescription drug take back event.

“This is all a part of many projects that the Georgiana Department is undertaking to help keep Georgiana safe.” stated Cook. The drug take back raked in about 2,200 pills adding up to around 10 pounds of miscellaneous prescription pills being gathered.

The drug take back is a safe zone for anyone who has prescription drugs and wants to dispose of them in a safe, controlled environment.

“We’re doing this to help Georgiana families and the elderly in our community. This is also an effort to keep prescriptions away from kids.” Cook said before continuing, “This is an event that I want to continue. I’m hoping that we can do this yearly or possibly even bi-yearly.”

Cook has also implemented some more activities similar to the drug take back event to help create unity and a feeling of peace in the Georgiana community. Some of those programs include many activities designed to help the youth of the community feel safe and become more community minded. One such event would be an explorers program for career track and development for Georgiana citizens. “I want to eventually included law enforcement agencies, firefighters and local business owners.” Cook continued to say that he wants to work the explorers programs as more of a summer program to help children become more involved with the community.

There will also be “Kids and Cops” days sometime this year and senior citizens day.

For anyone wanting to be involved with the Georgiana community, Chief Cook extends an open invitation for the Youth Fishing Day Georgiana is hosting on March 25. “We partnered with the Butler County Board of Education and also with the youth of Georgiana. Other sponsors of the event include Red Cross and Yellow Dot. Fishing will start 8-10:30 a.m. for Kindergarten through sixth graders and 10:30-12:00 a.m. for seventh through twelfth graders.

“The reason that we are trying to implement days such as the prescription drug take back and Youth Fishing day is because we want to bring unity among the youth, citizens and law enforcement in Georgiana.” concluded Cook.



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