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Gas station burglarized


On March 12 around 2 a.m. security footage shows a vehicle pulling up next to a Greenville gas station. A male exits the vehicle and runs up to the front door, a few moments later, the car drives away. The video shows the male using a piece of concrete to break the glass door. He then runs in, jumps behind the counter, and fills a bag with cigarettes and cigars.

The Greenville Police Department now needs your help identifying the suspect accused of breaking into and stealing approximately $1,000 in tobacco products from a gas station on the Greenville Bypass.

The security camera time shows the man was in the store for less than a minute, but caused hundreds of dollars in damage. Police say the man could be facing multiple fines and up to a year in jail if caught.

If you have any information concerning the crime, you can call the Greenville Police Department at 334 382–7461 and ask to speak to Lieutenant Joe Disney.

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