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Hilltop robbed



Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn urges, “If you see Kelvin Golden contact law enforcement immediately and do not approach him.”

Golden is wanted in a string of robberies, not only in Alabama but in Butler County. Golden has also made his way to the top of the Alabama’s Most Wanted list.

Golden’s latest target was Ali Alhaidmi’s store, the Hilltop Food Mart in Greenville. The robbery occurred last Tuesday, around 5 p.m.

Greenville Police say Golden, 31, walked in to the store like any other customer and pretended to want cigarettes before pulling out a small caliber pistol and demanding money from the clerk. Closed circuit cameras caught the entire robbery. Based on evidence processed, Greenville PD was able to identify Golden as the suspect in the robbery.

“Golden walked in the store and asked the clerk for some cigarettes and a cigar. As she puts it on the counter, he digs back in his pocket and pulls out the pistol. When she notices the pistol, she backs up and he starts demanding money out of the register. She gives him some of the money that’s in the register. Then he sees another wad of money in one of the slots and reaches over to grab it before he leaves,” Lovvorn said. “Golden takes the money and calmly leaves the store and walks to his car,” he added. Golden’s actions in the video raised red flags for police.

“In my experience, this is one that you really want to be careful with because of the way he goes about it. He’s not very stressed out. He’s very calm and at ease when he does these,it’s because he has done it several times and feels confident in what he’s doing. Because he hasn’t been caught yet, at least in these few instances, I believe he thinks there’s not a great chance of being caught in the act,” Chief Lovvorn said.

Golden is also wanted in the robbery of the Trustmark Bank in Georgiana. Golden has also been identified as the suspect in three bank robberies in recent weeks in different cities, including Pell City and Trussville.

Lovvorn is not convinced Golden will come back to the Greenville area to commit more crimes but can’t totally rule it out until he’s caught.

“He is moving around all throughout the state doing these same things so anywhere is a possible target right now. We’re trying to do what we can locally in our area to make sure everyone knows what this violent offender looks like,” the chief said.

“Anyone who would pull a weapon on a civilian like that and has done this apparently on a regular basis is a danger not only to others, but to himself. He may be what some people call self-destructing. It’s just hazardous for everyone involved and anyone around him so we need him off the street,” Lovvorn added.





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