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Georgiana seeks new principal


The Greenville Standard Last Tuesday night, at a special called board meeting, it was announced that Greenville Middle School Principal Catherine Tanner would be headed to Bright Beginnings and Georgiana principal Bryant Marlow will be taking her place at Greenville Middle School. Bright Beginnings has needed an administrator since Dr. Tera Simmons left last year. The moving of principals started earlier this year when Dr. Strycker visited. Superintendent Amy Bryan said that the voluntary transfer of Tanner and Marlow would aid in the transition of her successor, Dr. Strycker, and his arrival on July 1. Mayor Jerome Antone of Georgiana encourages citizens to get involved. “Georgiana is in the process of selecting another Principal. The community needs to get involved in what’s going on because this will be the Man/ Women that will be guiding your children going into the 2017-2018 school year,” Bryan said.

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