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Strycker moves forward




The Butler County Board of Education held their regular scheduled August Board meeting Thursday night. Highlighting the meeting were presentations regarding curriculum and instruction, finance, facilities and the superintendent update.

Superintendent Dr. John Strycker presented information regarding district direction in the areas of student achievement, student programs, school climate, evaluation process, safety, communications and fiscal responsibility.

“I am very pleased with the progress of our first priority this year – student discipline. Through my daily school visits, it is obvious that our students are behaving as they should. I am so confident that our schools have appropriate discipline that I invite anyone from our community to pick a random time to visit a school with me. If, during the visit, we see any student misbehaving or not showing respect to us, I will buy that community member dinner,” said Strycker.

Strycker then explained that because discipline is in order, he was moving quickly to the next priority – student involvement and activities.

“We need appropriate playgrounds for our students,” said Strycker. When I was having lunch with some students last week, I realized some students did not know what the term recess meant. Upon further investigation, I found that our elementary schools in Greenville did not have an appropriate playground.”

“I appreciate Board approval to move forward on an appropriate sized playground for the Greenville Elementary/W.O. Parmer Elementary campus along with the directive to improve the Georgiana and McKenzie play areas. Our kids need to get outside and play…kids need to be active and participate in extracurricular activities often,” concluded Strycker.

The school systems curriculum and instructional leader Lisa Adair presented an update to the Board. Ms. Adair reviewed the current status of district instruction and test outcomes in core subject areas. “We certainly have our work cut out of us,” she said. “For example, we cannot socially promote and need to make sure the student grading system match the outcomes from standardized tests. We need to focus more on student products and outcomes than on teacher lessons.”

The Board of Education also approved the system monthly financial report, capital plan, personnel report and administrative contracts for Bryant Marlow and Curtis Moorer.

Another highlight of the meeting was a public address by Mr. Kenneth Crum. Mr. Crum represents “Butler County Concerned Citizens”, a community group that seeks to offer support in being an advocate for the children, parents, and employees in the school system.

Recognitions for the month included 5th grade Greenville Middle School student Roman Grayson and McKenzie community members Henry Tylicki and Nicky Blackburn.

Butler County School System

“Roman is a current and future leader for our school system, community and beyond. He is mature for his age and very respectful. He also has a winning smile that will take him far, no question.”

“I greatly appreciate the work Mr. Tylicki and Mr. Blackburn did for our students. They were both instrumental in the construction of our new McKenzie Aquaponics Greenhouse project,” said Strycker of the recognitions.

Regarding any questions or concerns, please call John Strycker, Superintendent, at (334) 382-2665.


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