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Health Care Authority to purchase Hospital

A press release from City of Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon indicates the Healthcare Authority of Greenville intends to purchase L.V. Stabler Hospital. The press release follows:

The Health Care Authority of the City of Greenville has signed a definitive agreement to purchase L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital from Quorum Health.

Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon made the announcement saying the purchase by the authority was a step toward ensuring that residents of Butler County would continue to have access to quality medical care.

“It is our desire to be able to offer the best health care possible for the citizens of Greenville and Butler County,” McLendon stated. “The signing of this agreement is a step in that direction. L.V. Stabler has a proud legacy of providing outstanding service to the people of our area, and we hope to be able to continue that for many years to come.”

McLendon said finalization of the agreement should take place in October.



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