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Milton Luckie roasted

BY Bruce Branum

The Greenville Standard


For 37 years Milton Luckie has served the City of Greenville as a stalwart employee.

After graduating from Fort Dale Academy, Lucky worked at a local funeral home before being hired by the City of Greenville. From his original start in the Parks and Recreation Department under Mr. Frank Alton and Mayor Red Etheridge to his promotion to Director of Public Works some 25 years ago by Mayor Ernie Smith, Lucky has proved an invaluable help to all areas of Greenville.

From handling small problems in the city streets, to his role as head of the sanitation department, to major repaving projects, ice storms, snow storms and hurricanes Lucky has seen them all. He has taken the time to help stranded motorists as well as citizens with their minor problems.

During a recent retirement party held in his honor, many ex-city and current city employees along with friends, family and working associates gathered to celebrate his long tenure.

Several of friends and family spoke to Lucky’s work ethic and good-hearted nature. Current Mayor Dexter McLendon said, “He hasn’t got a lazy bone in his body. In my 28 years of being on the council and 18 years as being mayor, never have a called him and told him we needed to do something that he didn’t say we will take care of it.

“For me…I knew that he was going to take care of things. Now, does he have everyone in this town spoiled? Absolutely!” Mayor McLendon presented a plaque to Lucky at the end of the party.

Luckie does not intend to sit back in a rocking chair though. He said he will be working in the hayfield, with his cows and building projects.

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