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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Today I will make my predictions on how the SEC teams will fare in the playoffs.

In the Rose Bowl, Georgia will face Oklahoma. It will be a game of physical vs. finesse. Georgia is number 10, averaging 263 a game rushing. Oklahoma is number 27 averaging 215 a game. Stopping the run, Georgia is number 13, giving up 112 yards. Oklahoma is number 41, giving up 144 yards. At the Line of scrimmage, the advantage goes to Georgia.

In total offense, Oklahoma is number one averaging 583 yards a game. Georgia is number thirty-six averaging 433 yards a game.

In total defense, Oklahoma is number 57 averaging giving up 384 yards a game. Georgia is number four giving up 257 yards a game. If I was Georgia, I would play keep the ball away from Oklahoma. They are capable of doing that. Georgia will slow the Sooners down. My prediction is Georgia 24 Oklahoma 17.

In the Sugar Bowl, it will be Alabama vs. Clemson Round in round three. In 2016 Alabama beat Clemson 45-40.

In 2017, Clemson beat Alabama 35-31. In rushing offense, Alabama is number nine with 265 yards a game. Clemson is number thirty-two at 204 yards a game. In rushing defense, Alabama is number three giving up ninety-four yards a game. Clemson is number 14, giving up one hundred fourteen yards a game. The line of scrimmage advantage goes to Alabama.

In total offense Alabama is number 19, averaging 465 yards a game. Clemson is number 30, averaging 448 yards a game. In total defense, Alabama is number two, giving up 258 yards a game. Clemson is number six, giving up 278.

Alabama has to win three stats to beat Clemson. They have to do better than going 25 percent on third down conversions versus the last six ranked teams they played and third down conversions on defense and time of possession.

If Alabama improves up to 50 percent on offense, and drops it down to 25 percent on defense and has 30 or more minutes on time of possession, Alabama will win if they do that, if they don’t do that they will lose. My prediction, Alabama 20 Clemson 17.

On Monday Jan.1, it will be thirty-nine years to the day and date Alabama beat Penn State 14-7 with the goal line stand game for the 1978 National Championship.

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