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The gift of blood is the gift of life


The Greenville Standard

They park around town, unassuming, but their mission is great: to save lives.

People in Greenville often see blood mobiles in the Camellia City. They make stops at Wal-Mart, Fred’s, and City Hall, but regardless of their location, what they do and why are the real reasons they come to town.

According to, donating just one unit of blood can help several people.

Donated blood is used in many ways.

“Children being treated for cancer, premature infants and children having heart surgery need blood and platelets from donors of all types, especially type O,” states

Other patients who often need blood are those with anemia and Sickle cell disease.

“Sickle cell disease is an inherited disease that affects more than 80,000 people in the United States, 98 percent of whom are of African descent,” states the website. “Many patients with severe sickle cell disease receive blood transfusions every month.”

Other people who receive transfusions include cancer and trauma patients.

Another important group that needs blood transfusions for survival are those awaiting organ transplants.

“A patient could be forced to pass up a lifesaving organ, if compatible blood is not available to support the transplant,” states the website.

Giving blood is easy and requires very little of one’s time. The entire process can be completed in less than an hour.

According to the American Red Cross website, the donation requires registration, a health history and mini-physical being taken, then the donation itself.

Blood donations are needed all the time.

According to the American Red Cross website, at least 36,000 units of red blood cells are used in the United States each day.

“Every two seconds someone in the U. S. needs blood,” states the American Red Cross website.

With so much need, it just makes sense to be a donor.

Be a donor and give the gift of life.

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