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Chief Lovvorn urges caution


The Greenville Standard


According to Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn, officers received reports of at least eight different vehicle break-ins between Dec. 25 and Dec. 29, 2017 around local hotels and a few residences in Greenville. 

Investigators were able to use evidence found at some of the scenes of the break-ins to develop a suspect in the case. Officers located the suspect at his apartment in Greenville on Dec. 29, 2017.

While at the suspects apartment, officers observed items that had been reported stolen from the recent vehicle break-ins.  Officers also located a second suspect hiding in the back of the apartment.

The stolen property, which included a variety of firearms, was recovered and both suspects were transported to the police department. Investigators interviewed both suspects and charged them with four counts of Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle each and three counts of felony Theft of Property 2nd. 

The two suspects were Al Terrill Farris Jr., an 18 year old black male from Montgomery and Tamichael Campbell Jr., an 18 year old black male from Greenville.  They were both transported to the Butler County Correctional Facility where they were still incarcerated as of the time of Lovvorn’s press release.

The majority of all the property stolen was recovered and returned to the victims according to Lovvorn. “I would like to commend the efforts of both the patrol officers and investigators in this case for working together to quickly identify and apprehend the two suspects in this case.  Their hard work and commitment to the citizens of Greenville almost certainly prevented future break-ins and other criminal activity in our area,” said Lovvorn.  

The Greenville Police Department would also like to educate the public of this recent trend in criminal activity.  It is now common practice for criminals to get in large groups at random times and pick random locations to check car doors. 

They will go through an area and pull on every car door they walk by whether at a residence, hotel, or other business.  If the car is unlocked, they will rummage through the vehicle for anything of value.  This is becoming more common because people are often leaving items of value in their vehicle overnight with the doors unlocked. 

Lovvorn says, “I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to lock your car doors when you leave your vehicle, whether at home or out in town.  This is often all it takes to prevent a theft. 

“It will help if you leave valuables out of sight or secured in the trunk, but the best option is not to leave them in a vehicle whenever possible.  We are asking the public to call the police anytime they see someone out of place walking at odd times of the night or on someone else’s property. 

“We will determine the intentions of the individual and verify if there is a reason for concern.  This type of activity can easily be reduced if you remember the following: If you see something, say something and please keep your car doors locked!”


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