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County schools receive a D


The Greenville Standard

The Butler County public school system received a grade of “69.00” as stated per a recent publication by the Alabama Department of Education. Three schools kept the overall system from achieving a “C”. They were Greenville High School (GHS), Greenville Middle School (GMS) and Greenville Elementary School (GES). GHS had the lowest score of all seven county school systems with a score of 62. GES scored one point higher with a 63 and GMS was given a score of 65. W.O. Parmer was not rated. Georgiana was given a score 70 and McKenzie can claim top score of the county school systems with 79. Alabama’s grading system is primarily based on student achievement as measured by test scores from the spring 2017 administration of the ACT Aspire in the 3rd through 8th and 10th grades. For districts and for schools with a 12th grade, improvement counts for 20 percent and how many students reach proficiency counts for 30 percent. Graduation rates count for 30 percent, college and career readiness indicators and chronic student absences each account for 10 percent of the overall grade. When asked about the “D” grade, Butler County School Superintendent John Strycker said, “I am pleased that our school system is showing improvement and feel greater improvement will be achieved looking forward. “However, I am not focused on a letter grade from the State, all due respect. I’m focused on our commitment below. I’m focused on our children as a whole. “I strongly believe that by focusing on the child as a whole (spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical being), an outcome will be much higher student achievement marks,” The following is Strycker’s stated “Butler County Commitment”: “The Butler County Commitment is an “Old School” approach to education which includes ensuring that our students have their basic needs met and that our buildings are safe and our students are well disciplined. “The Butler County Commitment is to teach our K-6 students solid leadership skills at the elementary level as part of our elementary school culture (The Leader in Me program). “The Butler County Commitment expectations include that all 7-12 students participate in at least one extracurricular activity each year, without having to pay a fee, as part of a graduation requirement, understanding that when kids connect to something positive on a regular basis outstanding outcomes will result.” Butler County schools rank 63rd in funding statewide.


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