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Candidates announce runs for office


The Greenville Standard

On Feb. 9 the Alabama Democrat and Republican candidates for political office officially had to qualify for inclusion on the June 5 primary ballot. The primary runoffs will occur on July 17. Independent candidates do not have to qualify until June 5 for the general election on Nov. 6

The following is a partial list of offices up for election and the qualifying candidates:

 For United States House of Representatives, District 2: Tabitha Isner (D), Audri Scott Williams (D), Tommy Amason (R), Bobby Bright (R), Rich Hobson(R), Barry Moore (R) and Martha Roby (R).

For Governor: Sue Bell Cobb (D), Christopher A. Countryman (D), James Fields (D), Walt Maddox Doug “New Blue” Smith (D), Anthony White (D), Tommy Battle(R), Slade Blackwell (R), Scott Dawson (R), Bill Hightower (R), Kay Ivey (R) and Michael McAllister (R).

For Lieutenant Governor:  Will Boyd (D) and Will Ainsworth (R), Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R) and Rusty Glover (R).

For Attorney General: Chris Christie (D), Joseph Siegelman (D), Chess Bedsole (R), Troy King (R), Steve Marshall and Alice Martin (R).

For Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court: Bob Vance, Jr. (D), Tom Parker (R) and Lyn Stuart (R).

For Secretary of State: Lula Albert (D), Heather Milam (D), Michael Johnson (R) and John Merrill (R).

For Treasurer: David L. Black (R), Stephen D Evans (R) and John McMillan (R).

For Agriculture and Industries: Tracy “T.O.” Crane (R), Gerald Dial (R), Cecil Murphy (R) and Rick Pate (R).

For Public Service Commission: Place 1, Cara Y. McClure (D), Jim Bonner (R) and Jeremy H. Oden (R); Place 2, Kari Powell (D), Chris “Chip” Beeker Jr. (R) and Robin Litaker (R).

For Alabama Senate, District 23: Hank Sanders (D).

For Alabama House of Representatives, House District 90: Joanne Whetstone (D) and Chris Sells (R).

For Circuit Judge Circuit 2, (Butler, Crenshaw, Lowndes) Place 1: Terri B. Lovell (D).

For Circuit Clerk, Butler County: Mattie Gomillion (D).

For Butler County Sheriff: Carlton Cook (D), Kenny Harden (D) and Danny Bond (R).

For Probate Judge: Steve Norman (D)

For Coroner: Wayne Garlock (D) and Ollie Scott (D).

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