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Bomb threat made at Trustmark

By Bruce Branum

The Greenville Standard

On Monday morning, March 26, Butler County E911 received a call concerning a possible bomb threat at the three Trustmark Bank branch locations in Butler County. In coordination between the Greenville Police Department (GPD), Butler County Sheriff Office and Georgiana Police Department they worked together to provide extra officers to respond to the threat. Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to other bank locations by the interstate in Greenville as a precautionary measure in case the bomb threat was a diversionary measure and another location was the actual target. Along with extra local officers from the county, a canine bomb dog and technician were requested from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. After a thorough search of all three Trustmark locations, Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden indicated by 2:33 p.m. that all branch locations were clear and no evidence of bomb material was found. In addition to officer response,local and volunteer fire departments responded with personnel and emergency staff. Sheriff Kenny Harden said, “A person called into 991 this morning and reported they had placed a bomb at the Trustmark Bank if Greenville and Georgiana. We contacted the banks and they were shut down. “We had a canine bomb dog out of Montgomery County Sheriff’ office come down. They’ve searched the banks in Greenville and they are clear. Nothing has been found.” Georgiana Police Chief Carlton Cook indicated that after receiving an alert call from 911, his department responded to the Trustmark location in Georgiana and advised them of the bomb threat. “We secured the scene and evacuated the bank then we conducted a search looking for suspicious packages or devices.” After not finding any they waited for the bomb dog and tech to thoroughly search the premises. Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn confirmed that a bomb threat had been called into the 911 center and the caller gave information that there was a bomb at each bank location. “We always want to be as safe as possible,” said Lovvorn, “we called in the bomb sniffing dog and a bomb tech and we cleared both banks here in Greenville.” He added, “We already have developed a joint investigation with the FBI on the phone call itself and we will be going forward with identifying the person who made the phone call and proceeding with charges.”


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