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The first aid kit in your kitchen


When a real emergency arises, standard medical care is always the best option, especially for traumas. But for other minor ailments, look to the natural first aid remedies already in your kitchen. Yes, it’s always a good idea to have a standard First Aid Kit handy for those home emergencies that come up. But there are also several useful items available that can be found in everyone’s kitchen. Here are just a few: Cayenne Powder – Cayenne isn’t just a spice. It’s known to help stop bleeding when applied topically, and increase blood flow quickly when taken internally. (When applied to a cut, cayenne will not sting.) Precautions: Cayenne supplements should not be combined with some high blood pressure medicines or MAO inhibitors. It should also be avoided during pregnancy due to its stimulating action on the uterus. Ginger – Ginger tea is great for stomach pain and nausea. Fresh ginger can be used in thin slices to help with gum and dental pain and infection. Always discuss with a doctor before taking regular ginger supplements if you are pregnant or already on blood thinning medications. Chamomile Tea – Not only a tasty and calming tea, chamomile tea bags can be used as poultices that help with pink eye and even teething gums. Chamomile should not be combined with blood thinners such as Coumadin. Peppermint Tea – Like ginger, peppermint is great for digestion and nausea. It’s also great for minor headaches when applied to the temples. When used in moderation, peppermint is considered safe for all ages. Remember that long-term inhalation of peppermint can cause lung irritation. Apple Cider Vinegar – Diluted in water, this amazing elixir can help with all sorts of stomach issues and even shorten other illnesses, such as viruses. Apple cider vinegar is considered safe when administered properly. Baking Soda – Internally, and in small amounts, baking soda has historically been used for heartburn and indigestion. Because of its high sodium content, those with high blood pressure or kidney disease should use caution when ingesting baking soda. Coconut Oil – Topically, coconut oil is not only soothing, but has been shown to be an effective anti-fungal treatment. Internally, coconut oil is being used for brain and thyroid health. Cinnamon – Not just a spice for treats, cinnamon is a powerful remedy used for colds, diarrhea and even fungal infections. Other than in levels normally found in food, pregnant and nursing women should avoid cinnamon in larger doses or in essential oil form.


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