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Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC) touches many lives in your community. Generations of students earned a degree or certificate, learned skills through technical training, and/or achieved a high-school equivalent general education diploma (GED) during the 53 years since the doors of postsecondary education opened in this area.

They are celebrating Community College Month in April, which provides an excellent opportunity to recognize the many graduates of LBWCC. Among the alumni are doctors, lawyers, elected officials, nurses, engineers, architects, pharmacists, mechanics, cosmetologists, foresters, business owners, and the list goes on.

LBWCC is among the 23 comprehensive community colleges and technical colleges, Marion Military Institute, and Alabama Technology Network that comprise the Alabama Community College System, governed by a Board of Trustees.

There are approximately 300,000 people served annually by the system throughout the state. They are a driving force in economic development and workforce training.

Community colleges in Alabama are committed to access with open enrollment, low-cost tuition, and a variety of programs and services that remove barriers to college entrance, education pathways, and workforce training opportunities.

LBWCC provides academic transfer programs, career technical training, adult education, community education, training for business and industry, and cultural enrichment programs.

Teaching. Learning. Growing. Enriching. These are the words that describe their mission.

LBWCC provides general education and other collegiate programs at the freshmen and sophomore levels and prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions to complete baccalaureate degrees.

Learning options include traditional classroom settings, online courses, and hybrid courses, which include both online and on-campus components. About 80 percent of an associate degree can be earned through online classes.

Career technical training is offered in many high-demand, high-wage fields. They offer 16 programs in a variety of career options, with certificate, short-certificate, or Associate in Applied Science Degree credentials. These programs provide hands-on training in real world environments using state-of-the-art equipment, giving graduates a competitive edge in job placement.

Adult education is another important part of LBWCC’s mission. This program focuses on improving individuals’ skills, productivity and training with GED preparation and testing, basic skills, and English as a second language. There is also an opportunity to earn a high school diploma, and the program is open to individuals who already hold a diploma and desire to improve their basic educational skills.

LBWCC’s workforce development initiatives provide customized, flexible, short-term training programs that are responsive to industry needs. We offer highly specialized training programs that help prepare entry level employees to meet growing demands.

There are also opportunities for the community to be involved in a variety of short-term, non-credit, special interest courses through the continuing education program, including online courses and healthcare classes.

Cultural enrichment opportunities are available to the community through partnerships and venue selection by a variety of performing arts programs.

LBWCC is a vital part of the community. They continue seeking opportunities through grant funds to expand programs and start new ones to meet the needs of the communities they serve.


Their student success programs are recognized on a national level. Academic faculty hold the same credentials as those at four-year institutions, while technical faculty are experienced in the fields they teach.

They salute all alumni of LBWCC and recognize the generations positively impacted through the years.

For those yet to get started on their college career, and those who are interested in changing careers, there is no better time than now. Summer semester offers full-term and two mini-term classes. Career technical dual enrollment scholarships are available for high school students this summer, and Pell Grant funds are now available year-round.

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