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On this day in sports history


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Today I will discuss great and successful football teams and the reason why is because of their offensive and defensive lines.

Athlon Magazine rated the 14 teams in SEC from 1-14, 1 being the best and 14 being the worst. Each team I will mention was how it was rated.

The score total for each team, you can consider like you are playing golf. The lower score the better.

Alabama’s line, OL-1, DL-2, had a total three. Arkansas’ score was high, OL-12, DL-11, for a total of 23.

Auburn’s line was rated, OL-10, DL-1, for a total of 11.

Florida’s line rated, OL 7, DL 4, for a total of 11. Georgia’s line was rated, OL-2, DL-5, for a total of seven. Kentucky’s line was rated, OL-8, DL-12 for a total of 20.

LSU came in with OL-6, DL-6 for a total of 12. Missouri faired a little better, OL-3 DL-8, for a total of 11. Ole Miss was lagging behind, OL-5, DL-13 for a total of 18.

Miss State was holding their own, OL-4, DL-3, for a total of 7. South Carolina’s line received high scores, OL 9, DL 9, for a total of 18.

Tennessee’s line received bad scores, OL 13, DL 10, for a total of 23. Texas A&M was not as high, OL 11, DL 7, for a total of 18. Vanderbilt had the highest scores, OL 14, DL 14, for a total of 28.

If you go by those numbers in the SEC West, Alabama will go undefeated. Arkansas will go 0-6 in SEC West. Auburn will go 4-2. LSU will go 3-3. Ole Miss will go 2-4.Miss State will go 5-1. Texas A&M will go 1-5.

In the SEC East, Georgia will go undefeated. Florida will go 5-1. Kentucky will go 2-4. Missouri will go 3-3. South Carolina will go 3-3. Tennessee will go 1-5 and Vanderbilt 0-6.

I will give my prediction next week for the SEC West vs. East.

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