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Deadly roads


The Greenville Standard


July the fourth fell on a Wednesday this year and beach goers flocked south early and by the thousands. Bumper to bumper traffic on all thoroughfares and along those routes were significant delays many due vehicle accidents. There were multiple reasons for the accidents; however, lack of law enforcement to govern the roadways might have played a role.

According to The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) as of July 11, 2018 there were 16,735 Trooper-investigated crashes and 294 Fatalities. Actually those numbers are down by 41 traffic deaths as of this time in 2017. Troopers had investigated 17,006 crashes and 335 fatalities, “Still, one traffic death is one too many,” said Corporal Justin Vann.  Between Friday, June 29, and Sunday, July 8, there were 18 traffic fatalities, including five on Saturday, June 30, which was the deadliest day.

Troopers are urging the motoring public to help them prevent traffic crashes and deaths by buckling up, no matter how short the trip, obeying speed limits, avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and avoiding such distractions as texting.

Currently there are 342 Troopers in Highway Patrol (HP), not including the Motor Carrier Safety Unit (MCSU). The total number of Troopers we should have in Highway Patrol: 738 total positions in HP (not including MCSU).

Two Trooper classes have been planned for later this year thanks to the tremendous support from Governor Kay Ivey and Alabama’s Legislature, who have provided funding enabling the agency to hire Troopers. ALEA definitely appreciates their support.



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