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Central Office to save $231K

By John Strycker


The Butler County School System is in the process of reorganizing the Central Office administrative staff team in order to perform more efficiently at a substantial financial savings for the school district. Prior to Dr. Strycker becoming Superintendent, the team was comprised of nine staff members. Recent employee transfers, resignations and retirements who will not be replaced have reduced the number of administrative staff members at the Central Office to five full-time employees and one retired member at a reduced salary rate for 20 hours per week. This reflects a total savings of $213,761 from the General Fund.

Included in this total is the Career/Tech Director who has recently resigned. A current employee will assume the Career/Tech Director’s position that is funded by a state earned unit. The existing staff members will absorb the duties of that staff member and receive a stipend for taking on the additional work load. $92,000 of the $213,761 total savings is from this single reorganization of staff members.

We like many school systems around the state and country, must accomplish more administrative duties with fewer personnel.

As noted above, our Central Office staff members are stepping up as needed. Again, our recent reduction of Central Office staff will save us an estimated $213,761 a year including the proposed pay increases of $5,000 each for four staff members who will be absorbing more than 20 necessary duties each.

Please understand that these Central Office staff members would rather have the additional administrative help and not the pay increases. However, our school system is looking at a projected $500,000 to $600,000 deficit this coming year primarily due to our unusual high debt-per-student ratio of $10,950 per student. We must address this deficit!

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

We were very fortunate this summer to obtain free equipment to install a NetworkFleet school bus tracking system for all of our school buses. This software will further enhance the safety measures we already have in place to protect our most precious assets, our students.

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