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Jr. Humane Society needs your help

The Greenville Standard

The Butler County Jr. Humane Society is looking for volunteers. Their mission is dedicated to the human care, treatment and well-being of animals. Membership is free and open to children 12-18 years of age, who have a concern for animals and a desire to help. The organization asks that volunteers be willing to help with the following: Must be mature, love animals, unafraid and willing to handle them. Learn how to help educate individuals and the community in responsible pet ownership. Spread the word about spay/neuter hotline to help reduce cat and dog overpopulation. Be aware of the needs and provide help and care to lost, abandoned, abused and needy animals. Must volunteer two hours per month plus two hours per month with another club commitment. Be committed to offering different ideas that will keep adorable pets from being put to sleep and help find forever homes for them. Work at pet education, awareness and adoption events. Participate in other group’s events when the possibility arises to promote humanity and compassion towards animals. The important goal is raising funds to help give a “Second Chance” (no kill) animal shelter for Butler County as a safe place for adoptable animals. The Butler County Jr. Humane Society does not receive government funding and depends on good will and kindness of individuals and companies. Outstanding volunteers that have a C+ grade average are eligible for a $500 per year scholarship. Call Kimberly at (334) 437-2150 or pick up a packet at the Shell Depot, 939 Ft. Dale Road, Greenville. Adult supervisors and drivers are also needed.

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