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Greenville topples Tallassee

By Scottie Brown

The Greenville Standard


Coming off of a close loss against Carver, the Greenville Tigers focused on its fundamentals coming into the team’s showing against Tallassee, winning the matchup 40-21.

Greenville head coach Josh McClendon said the team’s tenacity had assisted them in the win against Tallassee.

“We came into the game hopefully getting starting something offensively and get kick started that way, and we did that,” McClendon said. “Defense got the ball back for us pretty quick. We were up 14-0 pretty quick. It was one of those things where we wanted to try and start the game offensively and get into a rhythm and get going, and I thought that’s what we were able to do.”

McClendon said both sides of the ball played well in Friday’s matchup and was impressed with the caliber of improvements he saw from both offense and defense.

“We didn’t do anything major, but we focused on fundamentals and made sure we cleaned up any mistakes,” McClendon said. “I felt like we had a good game plan going into the game, knowing what we felt would be good and would work and that’s what we stuck to. We had a good week of practice making sure we were prepared and executed good.”

McClendon said several of the team’s players had stood out during the matchup, but every member of the team had competed for the win.

“I thought offensively Arick Boggan played really well, he ran the ball hard,” McClendon said. “Javion Posey threw the ball really well. Defensively, Sawyer Hennis played well at linebacker and Tyland Simpson had an interception almost returned for a touchdown. We scored on offense, we scored on special teams. We blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown, so it was one of those games where everyone was involved. It was a well-rounded game.”

Since the start of the season, McCledon has encouraged his team to improve from game to game, whether win or lose, and he said the team was doing just that.

“We’re starting to improve, there’s no doubt,” McClendon said. “We’re getting better. That’s what you want to do. You want to be constantly improving. You don’t want to peak too soon, you don’t want to level out, so if we keep working and trying to get better that’s our main goal. We feel like we’re getting there.”

The Tigers will look to host Valley in a home conference game for homecoming this Friday. McClendon said he is eager to see the team execute well and finish the game out with a well-deserved win.

“We are making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to do on a daily basis, we’re reminding them it’s the fourth ballgame of a 10-game season for a regular season, and every game is very, very important. One slip up, one chance of getting comp, it could have an effect on the entire season so we’re making sure we’re getting better every day.

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