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Panthers shut out Pleasant Home


The Greenville Standard


In its second shutout of the season, the Georgiana Panthers defeated the Pleasant Home Eagles 40-0 Friday.

Panthers head coach Ezell Powell said the win had been a team effort offensively and defensively as every player had a chance to shine in the contest.

“It was collective,” Powell said. “They got the job done. I thought it was a great effort from all of our skilled players all the way around. The offensive line did a great job of blocking, opening holes and our running backs did a good job of finding an opening, going up the field and into the end zone.”

Powell said the team had looked to maintain control of the ball in the competition and said once the team created opportunities for ball-control through a turnover, the team scored 40 points within the first half.

“The game plan was going to be the try to hold the football and to get the football first and try to hold the football,” Powell said. “For about six minutes in the first quarter, Pleasant Home was doing well at it, and we made them turn the football over and once we got it, the first offensive play was a touchdown and before we knew it, it was 40-0 at the half.”

The Panthers are 4-0 in the region and looking to its matchup against region competitor Elba. Powell said the team was looking to bring its A-game as it hosts the Tigers.

“This time of the season it’s all about execution,” Powell said. “These kids know what we’re trying to get accomplished. Elba is going to know what we’re trying to get accomplished. Now, it’s just is all about which team goes out there and executes better.”

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