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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


The regular season is over. Today I will mention the records and coaches of the footballs seasons.

For Fort Dale Academy, in 1973, Julius Head coached FDA to a 3-7 record. In 1979 his team went 11-2. In 1984, head coach Frank King’s record was 3-7. In 1990, FDA went 5-6 under head coach Jim Autrey. In 2001, FDA went 8-4 under head coach Speed Sampley. In 2007, Sampley coached his team to an 8-3 record. In 2012, his team had an 8-4 record

For the Greenville High School Tigers, in 1973, the team’s record was 2-6-2 under head coach John Davis. In 1979, under head coach Bill Whelan their record was 1-8-1. In 1984, under head coach Wayne Woodham the Tigers record was 12-3. In 1990, Danny Adams head coached the Tigers to a 9-3 record. In 2001, head coach Alvin Briggs GHS record was 6-5. In 2007, head coach Ben Blackmon’s record was 6-5. In 2012, head coach Ernest Hill Tigers went 6-6.

For Georgiana School Panthers, in 1973 head coach Roland Pettie record was 1-8. In 1979, his team went 7-2-1. In 1984, Pettie coached the Panthers to a 5-6 record. In 1990, head coach Durwood Helms coached the Panthers to a 5-6 record. In 2001, Georgiana’s record was 4-6 under head coach Rico White. In 2007, the Panthers record was 6-6 under head coach Shane Smothers. In 2012, Georgiana’s record was 1-9 under head coach David Watts.

For McKenzie School Tigers, in 1973 head coach Roy Davis, Jr. team’s record was 0-10. In 1979, head coach Mason Porterfield coached his team to a 10-2 record. In 1990, the Tiger’s record was 11-2 under head coach Sam Dour. In 2001, head coach Shane Smothers coached his team to 7-4 record. In 2007, their record was 6-4 under head coach Miles Brown. In 2012, Brown coached McKenzie to a 3-7 record.

Next week I will talk about the playoff records of each team over the years.




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