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Let’s Go Bowl’n


The Greenville Standard


As mentioned last week, The Greenville Standard will hold a contest to see who is the most savvy or luckiest football bowl game prognosticator for the 2018 bowl games.

We have decided to condense our contest to teams playing from the Southeastern Conference and the CFB playoffs. The tiebreaker will be to predict the scores of two games, which we will choose before printing the list and will be marked with an asterisk.

We here at the Greenville Standard challenge all you Gurus to play our Bowl Game Pool. We believe we’re pretty sharp ourselves.

When the teams are selected for the Bowl Games, we will post the match ups with the rules and conditions of our pool.

Just make your selections and cut it out of your paper and drop it off in the box in front of The Greenville Standard or mail to P.O. Box 186, Greenville, AL 36037 before Dec. 22.

There’s no money to win, however, there may be a Bowl Trophy and bragging rights for the year. Maybe the winner will make the front page. Who knows, but keep an eye out for bowl game listing in the Dec. 12 edition of The Greenville Standard.

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