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Commissioners give $63K to BCAVFD


The Butler County Commission (BCC) recently presented the Butler County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments (BCAVFD) with a check for $63,400.

The check was presented at the BCAVFD monthly meeting on Tuesday Jan. 22.

Present among commissioners were Chairman Darrell Sanders, Jessie McWilliams and Allin Whittle. They expressed their gratitude for the service that the volunteers do for their communities.

The BCC annually gives funds to help the BCAVFD’s. According to Sanders, this year they gave $2,400 to each of the 16 VFDs, $5,000 to be used for grant matching, and a onetime supplement of $20,000 to be used at the BCAVFD’s discretion.

Sanders expressed the commission increases the amount given to each of the VFDs by $100 annually. “Last year we gave each department $2,300,” stated Sanders.

BCAVFD President Keith Foster accepted the check on behalf of the BCAVFD. Foster stated, “This money goes to helping all the VFD departments for the service they do, although departments have to do other fund raisers to go along with this donation to maintain throughout the year.”

The supplemental money will go into a fund for emergency services. Each department requesting part of the fund will have to prove expenses incurred.

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