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Property tax voted down


The Greenville Standard


Voters who turned out for the ad valorem tax special election on Tuesday, Jan. 29 overwhelmingly voted down the tax proposal by a margin of 3-1.

Of the 14,099 registered voters in Butler County, 4,516 went to the polls and cast a significant no against a raise in property taxes which was specifically to be earmarked for the Butler County School System.

Two items were on the ballot and both were under amendments to the Constitution of Alabama. The first was a 3 mill tax increase under Amendment No. 3. The second was a 3 mil tax increase under Amendment No. 202.

There are 24 precincts in Butler County, twenty-two of which are actual polling locations. The remaining two are for absentee ballots and provisional ballots. Provisional ballots are used in cases a person may not have had proper identification or their name was not on the list maintained at the polling location.

Of the 23 precincts, only Dunbar collected enough votes to support the property tax increase.

After the votes were tallied Butler County School Superintendent John Strycker, who had worked hard to enlighten the citizens of the county of the school’s financial plight, said, “I’m disappointed, but I said from the beginning when this all started about a year ago that my job is to bring to the taxpayer options. We know we need to reduce expenses by $400,000. I will be true to my colors. We are still going to love the kids the same. We are going to move forward and we will have to make some cuts.”

Strycker indicated cuts may come as early as March.

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