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Starr-Sullivan Award announced

The Board of Directors of the State of Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is proud to announce the creation of a new award to honor two legends from the State of Alabama.

Named in honor of Bart Starr and Pat Sullivan, the Starr-Sullivan Achievement Award will recognize a former collegiate quarterback that exhibits exemplary character, integrity, and leadership, while making a significant contribution in the community.

“We are fortunate to have two great men from our state, who excelled at the quarterback position, and left a lasting example for everyone on how to lead a life of character amid great success,” said Edgar Welden, Chairman of the Board. “It is an honor for us to have the opportunity to present an award in their name.”

The emphasis of the award is to honor former quarterbacks who, like Starr and Sullivan, have made a significant impact in their community and have brought honor to the State of Alabama.

“I am humbled to be recognized by my home state and to share this honor with football legend, Pat Sullivan,” said Bart Starr. “The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is a first-class organization and my wife, Cherry, and I are profoundly grateful for their efforts to celebrate excellence.”

“It is a privilege to have an award in my name presented from our Hall of Fame; and to share that honor with Bart Starr, a man I truly admire, is a tremendous blessing”, said Coach Sullivan.

“I would like to thank the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the people of Alabama for always being so supportive of me and my career.”

Future recipients of the award must have played at an Alabama institution, or been born in the State of Alabama, or made a significant contribution to the State.

“This award will give us the opportunity to recognize individuals who have not only made an impact on the football field, but in their community and the lives of others as well,” said Executive Director Scott Myers.

The recipient of the award will be selected by the Board of Directors of the ASHOF in concurrence with the Starr and Sullivan families.

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