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Greenville city league ball recap

Little league ball continues in full swing with 20 games being played between May 10-16. The bats picked up tempo with 16 homeruns recorded.

The players who recorded a homerun were Brielle Cook, Chloe Chun, Alivia Freeman, Rylan Beck, Natalie Skipper, Layla McCall, Jada Hardaway, Dalton Newton, Caleb Shanks, Cooper De LeRee, Trip Albert, Preston Williams, Tyler Hollyfield, and Bailey Lambert.

Chloe Chun, who plays on the Ball Hawgs in the Dixie Darling League, had two homeruns with one being a grand slam against the Knockouts. Layla McCall, who plays on the Dynamite in the Dixie Ponytail League, also recorded two homeruns.

Cooper De LeRee, who plays on the Angels in the Dixie Mite League, knocked a walk-off-home run in the fifth inning to win the game against the Rays.

Benton Taylor, who plays on the Angels in the Dixie Ozone League, was the hot pitcher, recording 10 strikeouts against the Red Sox. Anna Thomas, who plays on the Showtime in the Dixie Ponytail League, recorded eight strikeouts against the Dynamite in a winning effort.


May 10

Dixie Angels

Explosion             8              vs            Diamond Sluggers            5


Dixie Ozone

Angels  9              vs            Red Sox                3


May 13

Dixie Darlings

Ball Hawgs           6              vs            Firecrackers        5

Ball Hawgs           9              vs            Knockouts           3


Dixie Mite

Rays       12           vs            Astros   3

Red Sox                9              vs            Dodgers               3


Dixie Minor

Marlins 3              vs            Cards     2

Orioles  5              vs            Mariners              2


May 14

Dixie Angels

Explosion             3              vs            Diamond Sluggers            2

Explosion             6              vs            Shockers              4


Dixie Ponytails

Dynamite            18           vs            Challengers        4

Showtime           14           vs            Krushers              4


Dixie Ozone

Angels  10           vs            Red Sox                2

Red Sox                11           vs            Rangers                3


May 16

Dixie Mite

Astros   14           vs            Dodgers               5

Angels  14           vs            Rays       13


Dixie Ponytails

Showtime           8              vs            Dynamite            7

Krushers              8              vs            Challengers        6


Dixie Minor

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